Jason Santos

Carpenter / Project Manager


Jason has had successful careers in a number of disciplines which include being a Marketing Executive for an IT software company, a top performing District Sales Manager in the Beverage Alcohol Industry, and an International business & Trade Consultant for the U.S. Consulate in Toronto.

Most recently, he joined the Inter-All team and has found a home as a carpenter in the skilled trades. Jason holds an undergrad in Communications and Marketing, a Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Advertising, a Post Graduate Certificate in International Business as well as a Designation in International Trade.

He brings a wealth of knowledge from multiple sectors, working in different roles and is comfortable interacting with everybody from hard working skilled trades, to C-level Executives, to State Governors and Diplomats. Jason has an unquenchable thirst for learning new things and has unwaveringly enthusiasm towards all his endeavors.

Jason prides himself on being hard working, approachable, professional and forthright.

Fun Facts

  • Favourite Movie - Star Wars
  • Favourite Saying - “A rolling stone gathers no Moss”
  • Favourite Food - Anything NOT fast food
  • Favourite Superhero - Single Mothers

Contact Info

Phone : (905) 850-1211
Email : jason@interall.ca